sabato 16 aprile 2011

First post

This is my first post!!!
First of all, who am I? An Italian-Brazilian teacher of English in Milan.That is the reason why I intend to write posts in three languages depending on my mood and on the subject. Which ones? Those I can speak well : Portuguese, English, and Italian.
What can I say about teaching English in Italy?   I should say why I wanted to do that. It's simple. Because there are things about teaching and there are things about Italy that can be shared.
Teaching is all about relationships being built, hard work for both teachers and students and accomplishments.
Italy is about food, beauty and relationships. It is also about art, history and communication. People need to talk in this country. Food is the number one topic. They often describe to their friends what they ate the day before and most important how the food was made and presented and what  it tasted like.
So let't put these two things together. Should all my classes be about eating?  Should we only talk? No wonder many students want conversation classes, no coursebook. Above all they want to know about the teacher. What  do I do in my classes then? We do talk,  they do learn things about me, but I have my hidden agenda. I  want my students to think, to explore the language, the experience of being there so some kind of difference can be made in their lifes. In portuguese we say that some people live their lives as if they came here for a stroll  'vieram a passeio' and some other people don't so we say they haven't come here, that is , into this world just for a stroll. If my students don't consider coming to classes just going for a stroll I am a happy teacher.
That is is for today!! 
I'll keep posting and sharing my experience and my ideas in this great big world.
Take care,


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  1. Hi Paola,

    This looks like it will be a great blog! I'm looking forward to reading more about your experiences - and finding out more about the lusophone world from an expert :)